PureKraze Events for Veterans 
Is proud to be a Commemorative Partner Of  The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration. 
To learn more about the Commemoration please visit www.vietnamwar50th.com

PureKraze Events for Veterans 
Will are doing at least two events a year to Thank and Honor the Vietnam Veterans also Veterans of all wars and their Families including personnel who were held as (POW) prisoners of war or listed (MIA) missing in action for their service and sacrifice. 
Our fallen Hero's Families we refer to as Gold Star Families.
Please be respectful to them some are not ready to talk. so please respect their privacy as we honor their loss.
Purekraze Events for Veterans is not a part of or endorsed by the Department of Defense

Notice on our Red White and Blue Eagle logo on the left the black ring around the shield the eagle is holding.

This black ring stands for the Veterans that gave it all and lost their life’s, the (POW) Prisoners of War and (MIA) Missing in Action that fought for our freedoms.

Notice the black ring has three rings inside it red, white and blue these are the 
colors of our flag the black ring around the red white and blue stands for the Veterans and their family’s sacrifices for the freedom we all enjoy today. 

PureKraze Events for Veterans is extremely  proud to show this on our logo and honored to be helping honor our Veterans as a Commemorative Partner.

The logo was designed with the Veterans of the United States in mind and to make sure our Veterans are never forgotten.